Zach King and FamilyI am a freelance designer for web, email, print and a variety of marketing projects. Happily based outside of Portland, Oregon, living on an acreage in the coast range, working from my office, a yurt we built among the tall trees of the deep woods. I strive to merge my work, clients, family, interests and values into a simple life of balance that keeps be inspired and engaged in positive personal and professional experiences. I pride myself on being a very straightforward, responsive, down-to-earth person. I'm also a father of three who loves my family and my community.

My core values of environmental responsibility, charitable giving and social involvement are part of not only my day to day life, but that of my business decisions as well. Whenever possible, I choose to work with like-minded clients who often share my respect and passion for the world. I love helping to communicate thoughts, actions and solutions that ultimately help connect people and places, hopefully improving the world one small (or big) idea at a time.

To read more, check out my values page.